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Design of the 20th Century 25 Anv

ISBN: 9783836541060
AUTOR: Fiell, Charlotte

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Poised at the start of the 21st century, we can see clearly that the previous century was marked by momentous changes in the field of design. Aesthetics entered into everyday life with often staggering results. Our homes and workplaces turned into veritable galleries of style and innovation. From furniture to graphics, it’s all here—the work of artists who have shaped and re-created the modern world with a dizzying variety of materials. From the organic to the geometric, from Art Deco, through to Pop and High-Tech, this book contains all the great names—Harry Bertoia, De Stijl, Dieter Rams, Philippe Starck, Charles and Ray Eames, to name only a very few. This essential book is a comprehensive journey through the shapes and colors, forms and functions of design history in the 20th century. An A–Z of designers and design schools, which builds into a complete picture of contemporary living. Lavishly illustrated, this is design in the fullest sense. The author Charlotte & Peter Fiell have written numerous TASCHEN books, including 1000 Chairs, Design of the 20th Century, Industrial Design A–Z, Scandinavian Design, Designing the 21st Century, Graphic Design for the 21st Century, 1000 Lights, and Contemporary Graphic Design. They have also edited TASCHEN’s Decorative Art series and the 12-volume domus 1928–1999.

...ulture and everyday life. Its compass is vast and includes three-dimensional objects, graphic communications and integrated systems from information technology to urban environments ... Category:20th-century architectural styles - Wikipedia ... . Explore the modern age of design in this Bibliotheca Universalis edition of the 20th century's key movements and trends. Featuring countless works from around the world, this is an essential compendium for design aficionados everywhere, with star turns including De Stijl, Dieter Rams... 17th 18th 19th and 20th century architecture ppt. Denver School of the Arts, Denver Public Schools. history of modern architecture - lecture 01. 8. Peter Eisenman (known for bei ... The 25 Most Influential Interior Designers of the 20th Century ... ... 17th 18th 19th and 20th century architecture ppt. Denver School of the Arts, Denver Public Schools. history of modern architecture - lecture 01. 8. Peter Eisenman (known for being a Structuralist with his designs)  designed an innovative facade for the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Category: 20th century. Decade Overviews. Woman's Art Journal 20, no. 1 (1999): 25. Gerber, E. "The Controlled Development of Collegiate Sport for Women, 1923-1936'." Lansdell, Avril. Everyday Fashions of the 20th Century. History in Camera 12. The architecture of the 20th century is distinguished by an astonishing diversity. Just as the clash of aesthetic and commercial ambitions nevertheless For anyone interested in the zeitgeist and building design of the 20th century, this is your be-all-end-all reference work. The collection covers not only... Graphic Design and Architecture, A 20th Century History: A Guide to Type, Image, Symbol ... Complete support for the 20th Century section of the IGCSE History syllabus with best-selling books ......