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Croatian Grammar

ISBN: 9789531691499
AUTOR: Grubišić, Vinko

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Croats are a Mediterranean, Central-European, Slavic people whose language and culture reflect the geopolitical position of Croatia. The first Croatian ecclesiastical and secular documents were written mainly in Glagolitic and Cyrillic letters from the tenth century onwards. The Tablet of Baska, engraved in Glagolitic characters around 1100 AD, reveals an already well-developed language while The Tablet of Humac, chiseled in Croatian Cyrillic letters during the same period or even earlier, shares many traits with the Glagolitic script. During the Renaissance and Baroque periods, from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, the Roman script gained ground and became the predominant Croatian alphabet throughout all of Croatia. There are three Croatian dialects, cakavian, kajkavian and stokavian, the names of which are derived from the interrogative pronoun what in each: ča, kaj and sto respectively. Although valuable literary works were written in all three dialects, the stokavian dialect of the great Dubrovnik Renaissance literature, spoken by most of the Croatian population, has been the basis for the Croatian standard language since the eighteenth century. In Croatian literary works (in the Glagolitic, Cyrillic or Roman script) since the eleventh century, the Croatian language has been referred to by its Croatian national name, but also occasionally by various regional denotations: Dalmatian, Slavonian, Slavic, Bosnian, etc. In works written in Latin or in Italian by Croatian and non-Croatian scholars, that same language was often called Illyrian, Dalmatian or Slavic, no surprise since the terms Illyrian and Dalmatian predate the arrival of Croats to the shores of the Adriatic Sea and thus came to be synonyms for Croatian.

...ith the teachers. They will give you the best guidance in speaking Croatian in the right tone, grammar and pronunciation ... 1croatian Grammar | PDF | Plural | Grammatical Gender ... . As someone with a fluent ear in Serbo-Croatian and completely fluent in English, I find that the word "church" is pretty good for explaining this to people. The first "ch" is harder like č and the last "ch" is... The official language of Croatia is Croatian. Most materials used in Croatian research are written in Croatian. You do not need to speak or read Croatian to do research in Croatian records, but you should know some key words and p ... Serbo-Croatian grammar - Wikipedia ... . You do not need to speak or read Croatian to do research in Croatian records, but you should know some key words and phrases to understand the records. The Croatian language is spoken mainly throughout the countries of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the surrounding countries of Europe. Croatian grammar is the grammar of the Croatian language. Only RUB 3,100/year. all Croatian grammar learned. STUDY. Flashcards. quizlette45721611. Croatian Vocabulary and Grammar. Serbo-Croatian is a South Slavic language that has, like most other Slavic languages, an extensive system of inflection. This article describes exclusively the grammar of the Shtokavian dialect... GRAMMAR QUIZ. SUBJECT & OBJECT PRONOUNS. ○ Complete the sixteen sentences to score your knowledge of From Croato-Serbian to Croatian: Croatian linguistic identity. DUBRAVKO SKILJAN. The Croatian language of Vinjalić's grammar is based on the Ikavian and (I)jekavian speeches of the Štokavian dialect and the Čakavian dialect. The examples mentioned were extracted from literature... CROATIAN GRAMMAR VINKO GRUBISić l CROATIAN GRAMMAR Copyright© 2007 Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada. Reviewers prof dr. sc. Early Croatian grammars describe western dialects which make a clear difference between the dative and locative even today. Because their authors learnt the Latin grammar and no description of......