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Gustoza đita – engleski

ISBN: 9537131041
AUTOR: Karlić, Braslav

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The third edition of the most popular and most tasty gourmet guide written and edited by Radovan Marčić and Braslav Karlić. 74 restaurants, taverns and confectioners with recipes This book, A Gourmet Cruise, subtitled The Adriatic Good Food Pilot, is a unique guide for gourmet sailors. Sailing goes hand in hand with good food on the Croatian coast, because any sailor who has eaten food cooked on board for several days deserves a good meal, cooked in a proper kitchen, where the food is prepared with flair. We have visited many restaurants, inns and taverns on our Adriatic cruises over the past fifteen years, writing about them in More magazine, our series of guides, Jewels of the Adriatic, and other publications. We have sailed in regattas or cruised with our friends and families, travelling thousands of miles, and our voyages have always been accompanied by good food. We are confident in recommending this selection, which is the result of visiting hundreds of restaurants, to any sailor. Sailors from Croatia, as well as those from the rest of the world, recognized Gustoza đita as the best guide to help them choose a place to anchor and enjoy superbly prepared traditional cuisine and a special maritime atmosphere. The best proof of this is the fact that the first two editions were sold in more than thirty thousand copies. The authors tried to describe each restaurant, tavern and confectioner in an interesting and informative fashion, telling the reader about its history, the family who runs it, gastronomic tradition of the area it’s situated in, chefs who work there, the atmosphere and of course the most important thing – what kind of food is served there and what is the usual thing to eat. Of course, there is also a recipe for the characteristic dish of each restaurant, as well as descriptions of moorings in front or close to the restaurant, information about the address, phone numbers needed to make a reservation, e-mail address and web-site. All of this is accompanied by top quality photos taken in the last two years. When you sit down at a table in one of these restaurant for the first time after you read a text in Gustoza đita, you will have the feeling that you have already been there and you will know the right thing to order. Bon appetit!

...ć (ur.) (3). 1300 Maps of the Croatian Adriatic - Braslav Karlić (ur ... Gustoza - Παλαιά Πόλη | Online Delivery Pizza ... .) Gustoza đita i njen ishodište - rubrika Alla carte koja se u More magazinu objavljuje već punih petnaest godina - najstariji su hrvatski projekt otkrivanja, predstavljanja, ocjenjivanja i stalnog kritičkog... pl Polski. Войти. GUSTOZA. Νικοτσάρα 22, Tríkala, 42100, Greece. Как добраться. 2431071606. Gustoza Παλαιά Πόλη - Δες το Μ ... GUSTOZA ĐITA: jadranski gurmanski peljar ... . Gustoza Παλαιά Πόλη - Δες το Μενού και παράγγειλε Online από το κατάστημα Gustoza στην Gustoza. Με σάλτσα ντομάτας, ζαμπόν ωμοπλάτη, μπέικον, πράσινη πιπεριά, κρέμα γάλακτος... Gustoza, Τρίκαλα: Δείτε 47 αντικειμενικές κριτικές για Gustoza, με βαθμολογία 5 στα 5 στο Tripadvisor και ταξινόμηση #7 από 131 εστιατόρια σε Τρίκαλα. kompleti. Književnost na stranim jezicima. engleski. njemački. Potreban Vam je online prevodilac za Srpsko-Engleski. Naš sajt vam može momoći i kao rečnik i kao...