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“Behind the Label”: A Place to Be

A Place to Be’s performances of “Behind the Label” is written and performed by students who suffer from a wide variety of challenges and disabilities, so that they can share their stories through monologue and song.

Virginia Opera

The Virginia Opera is known nationwide for its performances that introduce students to the world of opera.

Ben & Joe

The duo Ben & Joe captivate young listeners with their mixture of music and comedy.

Colin: Son, Marine, Hero

Colin, presented by The Manassas Ballet Theatre, featuring the Manassas Ballet Theatre Orchestra, is a ballet that tells the true story of a young Marine who lost his life in Iraq.

Cameraman works in the TV studio - recording show


Technical Bootcamp

PAK has funded two scholarships for Technical Bootcamp, a program offered by the Hylton Performing Arts Center that allows students to go behind-the-scenes of technical production. Students learn stage lighting, carpentry, rigging, and many other technical skills.

For more information on how to apply for a PAK scholarship to these bootcamps, please email slandess@gmu.edu or call 703-993-9344

Current Fundraisers


2017/2018 Commemorative Ornament

In 2012, PAK originated the concept of a unique ornament to commemorate the artistic contributions of the Hylton Performing Arts Center. Proceeds from the ornament help fund the programs and scholarships that PAK is sponsoring in the coming school year.

This year's ornament is on sale now at the Hylton Performing Arts Center Bookoffice.

Price: $20

2017 PAK's Raffle Drawing

Carousel Raffle

PAK is sponsoring a special raffle for this beautiful musical carousel from San Francisco Music Company. This 12-piece carousel that measures 12 inches in diameter would make a beautiful gift for any child, or figurine collector. Proceeds from the raffle will help fund the programs and scholarships that PAK is sponsoring in the coming school year.

Tickets are available for sale at the Hylton Performing Arts Center from September 16, 2017 until December 19, 2017, with drawing on December 20, 2017.

Price for 1 ticket is $5

Price for 3 tickets is $10